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Your Blueprint for Athletes LT100 Secret Weapon

After all the hours of training for Leadville, the last thing you want is for your gear to derail your efforts on race day. Priority #1: Make sure your bike is serviced properly prior to race day.

Our friends and partners at Cycles of Life are truly a secret weapon to your best Leadville race. With 11 years of experience servicing LT100 bikes, and more than 700 bikes in their stands in the 2 weeks leading to the LT100 MTB, they have seen it all – including bikes that are not yet ready to take on the rigors of the Leadville course. Hundreds of people have said that COL saved their race when they found mechanical issues that would have gone wrong if there bike hadn’t been serviced before the race. They are also available for shipping services pre- and post-event.

How many bike shops are still around where the owner is also the head mechanic? Owner Brian Feddema has his eyes and hands on every bike that comes through the shop. The quality of service is a point of pride and unparalleled in a market with so many options.

Cycles of Life is on course providing neutral support at all the local Leadville Races – not just the LT100. They are happy to take phone calls to discuss your bike needs, gearing, benefits of hardtail vs. full suspension, drive train issues, PSI, and more.

You can also stay posted here and on our Facebook page where we will be connecting with Cycles of Life over the next couple of months to get more of their pro feedback on gearing and drive questions, and on-course technical issues they have seen and how to prepare for them!


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