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Training Grounds

Training for Leadville takes quite a bit of consideration. We wanted to know – where are you, and where do you train? And you answered with some great ideas we compiled below. Ride/Run On!

  • wasatch_ray Early season here in northern Utah but weekly PWR cycle classes @lifetimefitnessand then riding the mountain corridor on any days it’s dry and above 40 degrees.
  • mtbgirl2 Backwood roads in Maine
  • oldstude Unfortunately in Fort Worth at 600 feet. Sansom Park is my go to spot for steep rocky climbs and descents (although short). Used it for LY100 MTB and run last year, luckily just MTB this year.
  • disha520 NYC#centralpark
  • avatarakali Atlanta, GA! Firestairs at 18-floor building for 10+ repeats, Appalachian Trail as a stomping ground for training and Florida Ultra Beach runs for the fun of it!
  • speedsleev Lancaster Pa Susquehanna Round the River route. 7k ft of climbing, dirty double long loop, 14k ft, 160 miles and 12 hours on the bike.
  • reezo I’m in Brooklyn, NY. I do trails upstate in the Catskill Mountains on weekends, the pavement in New York City on weekdays, and the treadmill on 10-13% incline to get hills in that way too.
  • jdadams59 Bay Area, CA. Wildcat Canyon loops and Three Bears! When the trails are too wet to ride: hill repeats up Moser and Marin roads in El Cerrito and Berkeley.
  • jemason70 Nashville, IN…my LV100 route. Repeats of 22 miles and 2,500 ft of climbing per lap. Must’ve ridden it 100s of time over the last few years.
  • scott_10k_lakes The hill in Jordan cuz most of the Idiots show up every time!
  • wesmac68 Shreve, Ohio. Mohican State Park 25 mile loop if single track with 2800 feet of climbing. Several place to do hill repeats as well. Ohio is not as flat as people think and we have great mountain biking.
  • run1fast I’m from Lyons, but my fav ride is above Nederland in Rollinsville. Epic views of the divide.
  • sdevore Kicked off my training by racing the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo with the gents who are going to get dragged kicking and screaming into my training rides. #24hop@epicrides
  • scottfaldon Up and over Mount Gaylor in Arkansas.
  • neverendingvacation Nevada City, CA riding the Yuba River Canyon. Figured out a loop that is about 1000 feet of climbing an hour.
  • loves_to_mtnbike I’m in Lakeville, Minnesota and my favorite training routes are anything gravel, everything dirt and especially all things mountain! Even though I’m based in Minnesota, I spend time training (and racing) in Leadville and now also on the continental divide from Canada down to Antelope Wells. Join me!!
  • Trailthing Hong Kong. Tai Mo Shan (hk’s highest peak) for fish balls and beer. More laps. Then repeat.
  • outericky Lots and lots of @Zwiftlate night after work and kids go to bed. Then some long hilly stuff in the SF Bay Area on weekends.
  • rmgadventures Lots and lots of gravel, single track and Wilmington Whiteface! Can’t make the elevation happen but I can make the pain happen every day for the next six months until race day.
  • brems007 Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In the foothills of the cairngorm mountains. Plenty of variation from wooded trails to epic days on the gravel around lochs
  • caradarena North Carolina has an awesome greenway system–miles and miles of paved trails in the woods, with minimal traffic. Lots of hills, too!
  • toddnorman Located just a couple hours from Leadville in Colorado Springs. Favorite training routes are the trails in North Cheyenne Canyon to include Gold Camp Road and the Falcon Trail on the Air Force Academy. This goes for running and biking. Also do a bit of trekking up The Incline and Barr Trail but tend to stay away due to high volumes of people. Lucky to live in location that offers so much in the way of trails. So looking forward to the Leadman challenge.
  • makenassmith Tucson, Arizona!! I attend the university of Arizona so my favorite place to run is on the edge of campus or one of our many gorgeous Arizona trails! The weather is so nice here in the winter but it’s almost about time to start breaking 100 degrees
  • Enrique R. Lopez Here in Fort Collins, CO we have Towers Rd to get all the vertical climbing you need.…/shareable_images/map_based…
  • Jose Juarez Portland, OR Sandy Ridge Trail System or better yet, Oakridge, OR for outrageousness!!!
  • Brian Keith Bartels I am in western Michigan, and I love riding along the lake Michigan shore line. No altitude, but magnificent views.
  • Robert Sack Nebraska flat lands… a lot of wind, ride into it as far as I can, as hard as I can… recover, repeat. See ya in August, (#16)
  • Steven Slone Florida panhandle. Really fast hill repeats and long rides.
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