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Volunteer registration for the 2024 Leadville Race Series is now open!

The people are the heart of the Leadville Race Series. Without the people — the staff, the riders, the Leadville community — there would be no “Race Across the Sky.” And the backbone of those people — the core of the Cloud City energy, heart and spirit — are our volunteers. Our volunteers aren’t just a part of the Leadville Family — they’re the reason that, after 40 years, we’re still together.

From start line to finish festival, our volunteers create the legendary Leadville experience for our runners, riders, families and fans. As a volunteer, you roll out the red carpet, spurring on our determined athletes before, during and after our events. The best part? By volunteering 15+ hours at any of our Leadville events, you earn preference for the following year’s lottery. Before you volunteer, be sure to read through this year’s updates and how you can apply your hours for preference in both the LT100 MTB and LT100 Run lotteries.

  • GivePulse Registration 
    • You must have a GivePulse account. 
    • If you do not, please visit:  
    • New members push the “Join” Tab under Leadville Race Series. 
    • This will take you to all Leadville Race Series volunteer opportunities. 
    • Please continue to check back for updates and/or new events loaded! 
    • Existing members will see the list once logged in! 
  • Shifts / Registering 
    • You must sign up for a shift through your GivePulse account.  
    • There are limited spots in each shift. 
    • All shifts, for all events will open on March 1, annually.  
    • You may certainly show up and volunteer with a friend and / or family member. And we so appreciate all of you! However, only shifts that are registered and recorded within GivePulse, are eligible for Lottery preference.  
    • Take away here: Make sure to log into GivePulse, as close to March 1 as possible, to register for your favorite location / time! 
  • Lottery Preference / The When and How 
    • All fantastic humans who donate 15+ hours will be eligible for preference in the LT100 Run and LT100 MTB lotteries! 
    • Your hours are ONLY good for one season ahead. For example: If you volunteer for summer of 2024, those hours are only good for 2025.  
    • Only LEADVILLE based events are eligible for preference.  
    • Note: there are no guarantees, as the pandemic has reminded us! We will do everything we can to ensure your preference, but of course can not foresee all circumstances. 
  • Logging Hours 
    • Make sure to log your hours at the end of your shift. This is the only way they will get verified.  
    • Log into GivePulse & click “Make an Impact” in the right corner. 
    • Fill in all info from your shift as prompted.  
    • These hours will be verified no later than November 30th.  
  • Lottery Preference 
    • You MUST register for the lottery between Dec. 1 and Dec. 15 for the lottery of the season following your volunteer time.  
    • Through the registration platform make sure to do the following: 
      • When asked if you volunteered/had hours donated to you, reply yes. 
      • This will move you through the volunteer section and allow you to add info regarding both personal volunteer and donated volunteer hours. 
      • Only YOU, the athlete, registers for the lottery, and records all info regarding your hours, whether your personal hours or donated hours. 
      • Sit back… open a beverage of your choice, and wait for the Lottery announcements in early January. 
  • Donating Hours 
    • Thank-you first and foremost!! Your time and energy are allowing another human to have an opportunity towards preference! 
    • You may donate your hours to a max of two people… Yes!, we know some of you not only by name… but by your renowned dedication to these events, and the number of events you turn out for over the summer. INCREDIBLE!! YES YOU ALL ARE! 
    • Do NOT register in the lottery. Your chosen recipient of your hours will document all info within their registration. We will take it from there! 
  • Medical Volunteers
    • If you have medical training or work professionally as an EMT, Physician, Nurse, PA, etc., we can always use your skilled support!
    • Please reach out directly to our SAR medical team at:
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