Volunteer registration for the 2023 Leadville Race Series season will open on March 1, 2023.

Our events are fueled and executed by the amazing heart, spirit and energy of you, our volunteers! Without YOU, none of these events are possible. YOU are not only central but the backbone of every athlete experience on and off the course. 

To sign up to volunteer, follow the directions below or check out our volunteer page for more information. 

  1. Go to: https://www.givepulse.com/group/6795-Leadville-Race-Series
  2. New members push the “Join” Tab under Leadville Race Series.
  3. This will take you to all things Leadville that are posted, and you can continue to check back here for any updates or new events loaded! ( Existing members will see the list once logged in!)
  5. For any additional questions, please email Tamira at tjenlink@lt.life 

Can my volunteer hours from the 2022 Leadville Race Series events go towards the 2023 Leadville Trail 100 Run or the Leadville Trail 100 MTB lottery?
Yes! Volunteering at any local 2022 Leadville Race Series event for 10 hours+** can gain you preference into the 2023 LT100 RUN or LT100 MTB. Runners volunteer at bike events and cyclists can volunteer for run events. For the past 35 years, our dedicated volunteers have been a necessity and you are greatly appreciated. Your contribution is what makes the Leadville Race Series an incredibly energetic and meaningful experience. Please note that only volunteer hours earned at events in Leadville, CO will be eligible for preference in the Leadville Trail 100 Run & Leadville Trail 100 MTB lotteries. 

** Please note, we anticipate a change in volunteer hour requirements in 2023. 

What should I wear to volunteer?

For your time and effort, you’ll receive a great T-shirt! We want you to wear it while you’re helping out so that you are easily identifiable to racers and crews. Remember that weather in Leadville is variable. Just because it’s July or August does not mean that it’s necessarily warm enough for shorts and sandals. Be prepared with pants, jacket, and even hats/gloves. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen, as we are above 10,000 feet.

Can I bring my family, friend, neighbor or co-worker?
The more the merrier! To help with appropriate staffing, it’s best to know numbers in advance, so please register anyone who is volunteering. Although we’ll never turn away great help! Volunteers you bring may donate hours to you, the racer. However you must volunteer as well in order for them to donate hours toward your lottery preference. We will be unable to accept volunteer hours from others to you if you have not volunteered.

How long should I plan to help?
Some assignments will require a strong commitment of particular hours. Just let us know what you can do and we’ll make the most appropriate assignment.

What should I do if I cannot make it?
Just let us know. We recognize that there are unforeseeable circumstances, but if you’re able to send a quick email or give us a call, we’ll be able to adjust.

With further questions, contact: 

Volunteer Coordinator

Each of our races is able take place thanks to talented and dedicated volunteers helping with every aspect of the race! Be a part of the fun as you assist participants pre-race, welcome and guide them to the start areas, cheer them on along the course, and celebrate their accomplishments at the finish line and during the post-race festivities. Volunteer positions include some of the following:

  • Pre-race: Helping with participant bag stuffing, registration and packet pickup, setting up the start/finish areas and marking the course
  • During race: Aid station help and traffic/parking control
  • Post-race: Helping with start/finish area tear down, trash pickup and unmarking the course
We are looking forward to having safe events and we’re excited to welcome our new medical volunteers. If you are a doctor, nurse, or EMT and would like to help in this capacity, please email Chris Yeager of Lake County Search and rescue for more information and to sign up as a medical volunteer.

Zero Waste Volunteers help the races recycle and compost 75% of all waste generated at the Leadville Race Series events! If you have an interest in environmental sustainability or just like helping people do the right thing, join us. Special thank you to our local organization, Cloud City Conservation Center for all of their support on Leadville Race Series events.

Volunteer with Cloud City Conservation Center!

To apply your volunteer hours to the lottery:

  1. Make sure you have logged your impact from 2022 hours in GivePulse at:   https://www.givepulse.com/group/6795-Leadville-Race-Series
  2. REGISTER for the lottery between Dec 1 – Dec 15, 2022.
  3. When registering for the lottery, answer all questions regarding your volunteer hours  
  • This gives you the option to add in donated hours both that you are donating and that have been donated to you. 
  • This will allow us to track and verify all donated hours. 

      4. Tune into the lottery announcements on 1/9/23. 

Volunteer Photos: