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The Ultimate Leadville XC Race Wheelset

Introducing the ZIPP 1ZERO HITOP SW: The Ultimate Wheelset for Leadville Words: Ryan Cross In the world of gear choices in Leadville, we don't often toss around the term "perfect" lightly. With ever-changing conditions, diverse terrain, and the undeniable influence…

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LT100 MTB Race-Week Shakeout

We are pleased to be partnering with Hottie and Fatty of the Leadville Trail 100 Podcast for another awesome Leadville Shakeout ride! Join us on Thursday before race day and shake the legs out and preview the St. Kevins climb…

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History of the Leadville Belt Buckle

If you’re tough enough, big enough, you’ve got your big britches on, and you finish that race in under 9 hours, you’ll get a great big silver and gold trophy buckle. - Ken Chlouber. The tradition of belt buckles as…

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6/14/23 - 9:40 PM MST **IMPORTANT MARATHON & HEAVY HALF COURSE UPDATES**  Despite our best efforts to clear Mosquito Pass, Mother Nature has prevailed with heavy snow and freezing temperatures and the Life Time Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half…

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Our Commitment to Sustainability ♻️

With great beauty comes great responsibility. Given Leadville’s uniquely stunning panoramas and high-mountain trails, we take our responsibilities to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our environment seriously at the Leadville Race Series. From the sparkling lakes to towering peaks,…

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