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Nori Sesame Popcorn

popcornBy Trish Coffman

A big bowl of popcorn is a given this time of year, when so many of us are hunkering down with Netflix next to the fire (after a hard training effort, of course). But instead of the typical microwave popcorn, swap in something different (and healthier): Stovetop popcorn with a savory edge.

You will need:
Roasted nori (seaweed)
2 tbsp roasted sesame seeds
2 tbsp oil with a high smoke point, such as Canola or avocado oil (don’t use olive oil)
½ C popcorn kernels
Kosher salt
A blender or spice grinder
A heavy pot with a lid and a long handle

First, make the nori sesame powder. Place 3 to 4 large sheets of nori (the size used to make sushi) and the sesame seeds in a blender or spice grinder and process until you have a fine powder (a spice grinder will give you a finer powder). Set aside.

Next, make the popcorn. Heat the oil in a heavy pot over medium-high heat. Add a few popcorn kernels and wait. As soon as one of the kernels pops, the oil is hot enough. Add the remaining kernels and place the lid over the pot. Secure the lid with one hand and use the other hand to shake the pan back and forth over the heat. Continue until all kernels have popped. Place the popcorn in a large bowl and toss with 2 to 3 teaspoons of the nori-sesame mix and kosher salt to taste.

Bonus: You’ll have leftover nori-sesame mix. Save it to toss with more popcorn, or use it to add something special to veggie stir-fries, cooked brown rice, or to sprinkle over fish. 

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