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Meet Runner’s Roost Trail Team Athlete Sean Wetstine

Sean Wetstine is a Runner’s Roost Trail Team athlete who raced the Blueprint for Athletes Silver Rush 50 Run this year and is preparing to tackle the Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100 Run. Learn more about Sean and his love of Leadville below.

Sean proposes to his wife at the 2012 LT100 RUN

Sean Wetstine


Years running:

Favorite race/distance:
Silver Rush 50/LT100 (tied) I love them both so much…it’s like asking me who my favorite child is out of my two sons!

Favorite part about Leadville:
The true grit attitude of Leadville/The mining history, the fact that I purposed to my wife at the finish of LT100 in 2012 when we both ran it for the 1st time, the beautiful scenery of Leadville and the awesome people in the town. We had our honeymoon at the Leadville Hostel even!

Biggest racing “snafu” during a Leadville event:
Having to make a BM heading back toward the finish of LT100 near Turquoise Lake in 2013 and only having a tennis ball as TP!

Why run in Leadville:
Training at elevation is wonderful for your overall training and staying/camping in Leadville is EPIC!

Favorite New Balance shoe/apparel:
The Leadville V3, but I love my New Balance wind cheater jacket as well!

When I’m in Leadville I always visit:
Sugar Loafin’ Campground, Tennessee Pass Cafe and May Queen Campground! We love the camping, we love eating great vegan food at Tennessee Pass, and we love the camp managers at Sugar Loafin and managers Doug and Brenda at May Queen.

My favorite section of trail in Leadville:
The Section of the LT100 course just after heading out of Twin Lakes heading back to Fish Hatchery near Elbert and Massive! I love the winding trails and aspen trees.

Something interesting/unique about me:
My wife and I have both finished the 26.2, the 50, and the 100 three years in a row in 2012, 2013 and 2014. I fell in love with my wife training on the trails of Leadville in 2012 and purposed to her at the finish after we both completed the 100 in 2012 for the first time.

What motivates me:
Being in the mountains of Leadville knowing that there really is nowhere else I’d rather be!

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