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Meet Runner's Roost Trail Team Athlete Kim Jacobs

Meet Runner’s Roost Trail Team Athlete Kim Jacobs

Kim Jacobs is a Runner’s Roost Trail Team athlete who’s running both the Blueprint for Athletes Silver Rush 50 Run and the Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100 Run for the third time this year. Let’s learn a little more about Kim and what draws her to run in Leadville.

Meet Runner's Roost Trail Team Athlete Kim Jacobs
Runner’s Roost Trail Team Athlete Kim Jacobs

Kim Jacobs


Years running:
I have been running since I was a kid, but I started racing six years ago.

Favorite race/distance:
I am still new to ultra running, and I first started doing half and full marathons. After a dozen marathons, I started ultra distances. So far I have done the 50K, 50-mile and 100-mile distances, as well as a six-day stage race. I don’t know yet what my favorite distance is, but the Leadville races are definitely my favorite events.

Favorite thing(s) about Leadville:
The beautiful trails and the small mountain town feel.

Biggest racing “snafu” during a Leadville event:
My first race in Leadville was the Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail Heavy Half in 2013. When I was coming down off Mosquito Pass I tripped on some rocks, even though I was really concentrating on not falling. I tumbled, stood back up, kept running and finished the race. I never went to the doctor, but I assumed I broke my finger. It has never looked the same.

Why run in Leadville:
I first read about Leadville when I moved to Colorado six years ago and was instantly intrigued. When I finally made it up there, I learned why. The people that spend time in Leadville refer to it as a “second home.” I do the same. I see the same people when I go up there, and I always feel welcome. It’s a small mountain town with a very special, proud vibe.

Favorite New Balance shoe/apparel:
New Balance Leadville 1210

When I’m in Leadville I always visit:
City on a Hill Coffee Shop

My favorite section of trail in Leadville:
I love doing double Hope Pass and taking the trail up to Mt. Massive.

Something interesting/unique about me:
I’m a veterinarian.

What motivates me:
The sense of accomplishment after setting a hard goal and achieving it.

Want to catch Kim out on the trail this summer? Spots are still available for the Silver Rush 50 Run!

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