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UPDATED Course Change Announcement: 2017 LT100 Run

The Leadville Race Series team is excited to announce the final 2017 Leadville Trail 100 Run Course. This year, we will be using the Colorado Trail to access the Winfield Aid Station, similar to the 2012 course. Check out our new Course Map & Course Profile below for all of the details.

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**UPDATE**: Many of you have asked for additional details regarding why we are implementing a change to the 2017 LT100 Run course and any other modifications that may be made as a result of the mileage this new route adds. Here is a quick rundown of the most common questions so far:

Why are you making this course change?

There is a section of the previous LT100 Run course near the Winfield Aid Station that crosses private land. Last year, the land owner reached out to us and asked that we no longer use this portion of the trail in future years.

We had two options to re-route the course based on his request:

1.       Return to using Winfield Road

2.       Remain on the Continental Divide Trail into Winfield

After much deliberation, we opted not to use Winfield Road due to the runner/vehicle interactions and dust. By remaining on the Continental Divide Trail, we eliminate any runner/vehicle traffic, which is a major improvement in course safety over all previous years.

What is the total mileage of the 2017 course vs. the 2016 course?

Based on GPS data from several sources, the course we used in 2016 was approximately 98.5 miles. The course we will use in 2017 (and the foreseeable future) is slightly longer in each direction, but gets the overall course length to 100.4 miles.

Are you planning to cut mileage from other sections of the course to make up for this change?

We are not planning any other route changes at this time, since the new course gets us closer to a true 100 miler.

Will any of the cut-off times be modified based on the additional mileage of the 2017 course?

Yes! We will be pushing back the cut-off time at Twin Lakes by 15 minutes. The new cut-off time will be 10:00 pm (instead of 9:45 pm as in previous years).

If you have any questions or comments regarding the new LT100 Run course, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.


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