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“Cat is wonderful. She takes my whole life into consideration when mapping out my running plans and follows up with consistency. I trust her and the guidance she gives. There’s been steady growth in training and performance.”

-Kristin Silver (Boundless Athlete)

“I have a background in fitness and weight training but had very little knowledge of what it takes to train for longer endurance events. Coach Winkler has not just given me the workout to do and how to do them, but has added in the explanation for why we are doing the training we are doing. I would highly recommend him and Boundless to anyone.”

-Tanner Cook (Boundless Athlete)

“I came to Boundless a little over a year ago while training for Leadville. I was riddled with injuries and really not making any progress. Since working with Jay I am the fittest I’ve ever been and looking at setting some huge PR’s this year. They speak from experience, not theory.”

-Travis Baker (Boundless Athlete)

“It feels like I’m part of something greater than a coaching arrangement; the positivity of the culture, and community of both coaches and runners is unique. The camps and support through Leadville was first rate, I felt part of something.”

-Chris Nicholas (Boundless Athlete)

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