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When our athletes make the trip to Leadville, the sheer beauty of the town leave most speechless. From the amazing views to the never-give-up culture of the town, Leadville carries a unique vibe. The town welcomes our athletes with open arms on race weeks and do their best to make Leadville feel like home. With so many things to love, many have unique reasons as to why the town of Leadville is special. Read what some of our past champions have to say about the town of Leadville below.

It is a town that has survived and thrived because of endurance events. To me, I feel very connected to Leadville because I know that by participating in the race it is also supporting the community itself. – Devon Yanko, 2017 Leadville Trail 100 Run Champion (Pictured)

It’s got a unique vibe that feels like the old Wild West. But after running the race at least once it also has the memories of what took place during the run. – Ian Sharman, 4-Time Leadville Trail 100 Run Champion 

The community is really crazy involved in all kinds of outdoor activities. I am lucky enough to know someone who lives there and she is on a community soccer team, softball team, and plays ice hockey with community members randomly all winter, as well as riding with the women’s mountain bike group. Everyone is just into playing sports together and having a great time! I love that there are so many opportunities to recreate. Oh and the small town vibe means I was at a house party last summer that the mayor came to. I made him laugh, it was the best day ever. – Larissa Connors, 2-Time Leadville Trail 100 MTB Champion

The LT100 MTB isn’t just a race, it’s a unique experience which wouldn’t be the same in a different place. There are many 100 miles races but it’s the location and history of this race that makes it so captivating. – Sally Bigham, 3-Time Leadville Trail 100 MTB Champion (Pictured) 

If you’re a mountain biker or endurance runner the Leadville 100 is a must do event and the town has become a mythical place for the endurance crowd. Leadville sits at 10,000 ft and the people that live there are tough. The winters are long, the summers are short and the scenery is beautiful. Leadville is a “real” Colorado mountain town. There aren’t million dollar condos, gated communities and fancy shops. It’s a salt of the earth type of place that happens to have become epicenter or endurance sports in the US. – Todd Wells, 3-Time Leadville Trail 100 MTB Champion

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