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From the Race Director: Finding Silver Linings

From the Race Director: Finding Silver Linings

Tim Brosious, Leadville Race Series Director, has been balancing the challenges of planning the Leadville Race Series in the midst of COVID-19 and a new version of work-life balance outside of the office. Tim checked in with us and details what he’s been up to, and how life has changed for him lately and how he’s found some silver linings along the way.

Well it’s a different world we’re living in. We’re faced with a level of adversity no one could have ever predicted.  A few weeks ago we could go to the office, visit restaurants, school, have play dates, and of course workplace happy hours.  We are all currently faced with a different lifestyle we never had before.

Adversity is not new to any of us.  Adversity is why Leadville is still on the map; this town itself, Ken and Merilee, the Race Series, all the current and past athletes. Adversity doesn’t hold this town or this race community down; it never has and it never will. When the world throws adversity at us, I’ll be the first to say, “hold my beer.”

As we continue to plan our summer events and remain hopeful that this pandemic passes, we can’t help but be thankful for the silver linings. We’re spending more time with our loved ones – our kids, spouses, significant others, family, pets.  Geez, pets have never had it so good! 

For the first time ever, I’ve had three meals a day with my two boys and wife for two weeks straight. But the work/life juggle is real! Every morning my amazing wife, Shannon, takes the two boys, Jameson and Jackson, and our dog, Ellie, for a long run so I can crank out some work in our makeshift basement office. 


The office looks a little different these days.

Usually Shannon, a Behavioral Specialist at our local school district, has conference calls after her morning runs so I get to work on numbers, the alphabet, and coloring with my 4 year old while the 1 year old takes his afternoon nap. After naptime the whole family packs on our bikes and rides for about 2 hours.  I’m grateful to have a 4 year old who can ride 10 miles at a time, or more importantly likes riding that far. 


It’s all in the family

It’s a change for sure, nothing we expected, but it’s brought us closer together.  It’s not a 9 to 5, event life never has been. But what I’ve learned in a decade of working racing events is that we’re nothing without everyone, so let’s get through this all together and remember, there’s silver linings in everything.

Please, “hold my beer,” and I’ll do my best to show you the way! 


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