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2016 Leadville Trail 100 Run Athlete Guide Now Available

The Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Race Series proudly presents the 2016 Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100 Run on August 20. For 34 years, this rugged mountain town has welcomed racers with a monumental challenge. Every year brings a fresh crop of anxious and energetic athletes just waiting to test themselves in Colorado’s high country. As you place one foot in front of the other and witness our breathtaking views, the scale of your challenge will begin to sink in. There will be highs and lows and water crossings thrown in for good fun. And as the hours tick by, the sun will rise, then fall…and, for some, rise again. The further you get on this beautiful course, the more you will depend on your incredible crew of family and friends to get you back home.

Our goal is to give you every opportunity to succeed. We have made some changes and are hopeful that you feel the benefits. Please be courteous to your fellow athletes and show respect to the course. You have spent countless hours preparing for this day and are definitely ready to toe the line. Check out the Athlete Guide for detailed schedules, course information and more.

> View the 2016 Athlete Guide

Leadville’s magic has been here for over 100 years and soon it will be in you!

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