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What is Blueprint for Athletes? with Ryan Petry


Team Blueprint athlete, Ryan Petry (@rypetry on Instagram) is no stranger to the Leadville Race Series. The triathlete turned pro MTBer is back for his 5th LT100 MTB and undoubtedly more prepared than ever. Petry competed in this year’s Blueprint for Athletes Austin Rattler and Tahoe Trail MTB, has been a guide at Camp of Champions, and has competed in several Silver Rush 50 MTBs. New to his pre-race regimen this year is tapping into Blueprint for Athletes’ diagnostic blood testing.

Blueprint for Athletes’ diagnostic blood testing lets athletes know what is going on inside of their body, making them better equipped to make smart changes and modifications to reach their goals. Using biomarker analysis, it measures a number of factors:

  • Assess metabolism function
  • Understand training status and if there is evidence of over-training
  • Evaluate hormone levels
  • Test for food allergens
  • Reveal macro and micro nutrient deficiencies

All of these help eliminate guesswork and minimize trial and error. While Petry has only done one initial test, he has already made slight modifications, including adding select amino acids and minimalizing his wheat and egg intake.

“Before Blueprint for Athletes, I had never done allergy testing. While I didn’t have any major obvious issues, that small change in my current athletic position can make all the difference,” states Petry. “Going through the testing I was able to see firsthand how easy it was to complete.”

Unlike most of us, Petry has an influx of training resources such as a coach and registered dietician. Blueprint for Athletes diagnostic blood testing is a great option for an everyday racer to find out how they can take that next step to becoming an endurance athlete. For example, a regular diet and caloric intake significantly differs from someone spending 10 hours on a bike. One tiny variable during training could be something that ends up having a huge impact on performance.

“The testing can give anyone the confidence and peace of mind going into any race knowing you are doing the right thing. For me, it reconfirmed that I was doing things well,” said Petry.

While it’s great to complete Blueprint For Athletes testing as often as possible, Petry is also realistic in his recommendations to fellow athletes as a Team Blueprint ambassador, considering factors such as money and time. He recommends getting your first blood test during early season training, then again 3-4 months later, post-race, and perhaps once during training when you aren’t feeling top notch or are having issues recovering.

It’s been great thus far for Petry who has also helped educate other athletes on Blueprint’s blood testing. To learn more about Blueprint for Athletes and its offerings, visit

The Latest from Blueprint for Athletes:

Blueprint has completely reconfigured its product offering and created a new product line called Blueprint “Stacks”. Each Stack is a solution for specific problems we identified within the health and fitness community – balanced hormone levels, weight management, over-training, nutritional deficiencies, and food allergies.

Interested in learning more or becoming a Team Blueprint ambassador? Reach out to to learn more.

Follow Ryan Petry on Instagram at @rypetry. 

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