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Stage Set for Iconic Leadville Trail 100 MTB Presented by Herbalife24 on Saturday, August 9

Nearly 2,000 riders are getting ready to take on the 21st annual Leadville Trail 100 MTB presented by Herbalife24 on Saturday. While this 100-mile course with elevations ranging from 10,152 to 12,424 feet in the extreme Colorado Rockies will be no easy feat for any of the participants, there are a few athletes whose race will mean a little more.

Wendy Skean
In 2005 Wendy finished the LT100 MTB in 11:24:36 to become the first 60-year-old woman to finish under 12 hours. With this years training already in progress, Wendy was involved in a cycling accident in May where she fractured her knee. Not giving up, she began rehab in June and will be at the Leadville starting line as the oldest female participant. This year Wendy is hoping to be the first 70-year-old woman to finish in less than 12 hours.

Christopher Self
Christopher is a US Army Special Forces Sergeant Major who was severely wounded in Iraq in 2005 that resulted in the amputation of his right leg below the knee. Chris has since returned to active duty and completed two additional combat tours in Iraq before retiring from the US Army Special Forces in March 2013. Chris will be out there on Saturday attempting his first LT100 MTB.

Growing up on a rice farm in the Kingdom of Bhutan in Paro Valley, Sonam was unable to go to school past 6th grade as his family needed him for labor. After joining the army years later and uncovering his athleticism, he was quickly sought out to be a royal guard for the king. Sonam began riding in 2010 when taking tourists on bike tours in the Himalayan and has since won two titles in Bhutan. His dream is to use his experience as a cyclist to promote health and a love of sports among Bhutanese children. Sonam is excited to give his first LT100 MTB a go.

Roger Mankus
At this years race Roger will be vying for his 2,000 mile buckle. If achieved, Roger will have completed the LT100 MTB 20 times, participating in all but one race. However, Roger won’t be out there alone, 20 other Leadville competitors are going for their 1,000 mile buckle to become 10-time finishers.

Adam Stepanovi
At 30 years old, Adam is attempting to be the youngest 1,000 mile buckle holder if he finishes under 12 hours. Adam made a pact to earn his 1,000 mile buckle with his father who had raced the LT100 MTB for many years and recently passed away. While earning the buckle will be a significant accomplishment, Adam’s real goal is to fulfill his promise to his dad.

Best of luck to everyone competing in the 2014 Leadville Trail 100 MTB presented by Herbalife24!

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