Meet your 2021 camp guides:

We’re thrilled to announce our amazing lineup this year! You’ll receive first-hand experience and a wealth of knowledge from those who know how to get it done.



Maddie Hart

I am a passionate ultra runner based in Boulder Colorado. When I am not out running, I love to cook, garden, swim, read, and explore new places. I got involved with the Leadville Race series through La Sportiva and am looking forward to a summer of racing up in Leadville!”






Rodrigo Jimenez

“I started running to teach my kids that the important thing is not to get first place but to train hard and do your best and be happy with the results.

I have completed the Leadman 6 times and hope to finish this coming season!”





Chris Lloyd

“This is my 19th consecutive and 18th official Leadman season (2020 was unofficial and fully self supported)!  I started my LRS journey in 2003 with the inaugural Leadman season and I’ve been running, biking, and guiding, on the high country trails surrounding Leadville ever since… 2018 marked another milestone,  as I completed my 100th marathon and my 100th LRS event on the same day.  I look forward to meeting all of our new camp participants this year and helping them reach their ultimate goal and their own personal milestones, as well!

Cheers, Chris”





Jared Conlin

“I was introduced to Leadville in 2013 after being asked to pace a friend. This is my 9th year returning and I am passionate as ever.  For 2020’s Covid-cancel, my buddy and I ran a neighborhood 100 to raise money for the Leadville Foundation.  When you find something this special to a community and purpose, it becomes part of your life. I am a better person for finding the Leadville races and everyone who is part of it.”







Junko Kazukawa

Junko Kazukawa, originally from Japan, has lived in Denver CO for a long time 😀, She is a personal trainer, Endurance running coach, Fitness instructor. 2 x cancer survivor, \ 7x LT 100 run finisher, 3x LT 100MTB, 2x Leadwoman, 3x Silver queen, Grand Slam of Ultra running finisher, and 1st person to complete Leadwoman and Grandslam in same season 2015.  18 hundred mile race finisher, Elevation Outdoors – featured in 2017 Ultimate residence badass award, Sports woman of Colorado 2015 -inspiration award ( Merilee received an award in same year too😄)  etc.. 

 My 1st 100 mile run race was LT 100 2011 after I went through 2nd cancer (finished my chemo Oct 2009, then recovery and maintenance treatment 2010).  I decided to do what I want to do NOW, (which was running 100 miles someday), since I learned that anything unpredictable can happen in life.



Jacob Sheetz-Willard

Jacob moved to Leadville in 2014 and raced in the LT100MTB for the first time the following year. He took on and completed the Leadman challenge in 2017, running and riding to raise money for charity and to support his mother as she went through chemo treatments for breast cancer. He teaches literature at the High Mountain Institute (located near the base of the infamous “Powerlines Climb”) and views ultrarunning as one of the purest forms of meditation. He’ll try for another big buckle in the LT100 run this August.





Gabe Joyes

Gabe Joyes lives in lovely Lander, Wyoming, and is a member of the La Sportiva Mountain Running Team. Gabe has nine different 100-mile finishes to his name, including victories at Bighorn 100, Orcas Island 100, and a top-ten finish at the 2019 Leadville 100. The Colorado high country and the Leadville 100 have always held a certain mystique and are a continued source of inspiration for him.





Jason Romero

“Long time member of the Leadville family – LT Run 5x finisher & LeadMan. Have ran across islands, countries & continents, but when August rolls around…..there’s no place I’d rather be that Pb-ville.”








Judy Allen

“My first introduction to the Leadville Race Series was in 2020 riding the LT100 MTB. Jimmy Buffett mentioned Leadville in a song, and I was curious where it was. Little did I know what a hold this wonderful mountain town would have on me. I moved here the minute I could, and have yet to grow tired of the beauty that surrounds me. I can’t wait to share it with you!”






Jed Taylor

“Hi, my name is Jed Taylor.  I first got introduced to the race series in 2013.  Since then I have completed all the races, some multiple times and then most recently Leadman in 2018.  I love the mountains, Leadville and Run Camp!  I look forward to sharing my experiences in Leadville to help you accomplish your goals.”






Donnamarie Provenzano

“I became involved with the Leadville race series 10 years ago after guiding a friend in the race for 4 years. I fell instantly in love with the mountains and lakes surrounding the trails. My first introduction the running in Leadville was the Leadville marathon. After being in the town and in the community I knew I wanted to call this area home. I had caught the ultra bug and Leadville was a place I wanted to grow some roots for my family. I have stepped foot at the starting line of the Leadville 100 5 times. Each time making it over 70 miles of the course. The race has taught me so many lessons and brought me friendships and adventures of a lifetime.  I have finished the race 3 times. There is no greater joy than crossing the finish line and receiving a huge from Merilee.”



Ryan Krol

“Hi My name is Ryan Krol! I am the founder of Boundless Coaching and Guiding the official Coaching partner of the Leadville Race Series. I have been coming to the Leadville Family reunion since 2012. I should have a mailbox at the Half Moon Campground in the summer, there is no place I would rather be in July and August. When I am not running and mountain biking at 10,000 feet I enjoy skiing, climbing and NOT catching fish with my fly rod in the Arkansas River. I have a few big buckles from the run and the mountain bike and have completed Leadman twice….. I must have short term memory loss.”





Becki Lynn Lassley

“Greetings! I’m Becki Lynn and I dreamt of running the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Race the moment I read about Leadville in the Book “Born to Run”.  I met Ken Choulber in April 2012 when he was inducted into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame. I loved his infamous quote “You are stronger than you think you are, You can do more than you think you can”. In 2012, I paced my friend Ben D. in his first Leadville and in 2013 I ran my first Leadville 100! My soul was captivated by Leadville and every time I came to visit, I felt like I was home! In 2014 I wanted a bigger challenge, so I signed up for Leadman/Leadwoman series! I fell short of coming in first overall female by 2 minutes and 44 seconds while trying to make up over 2+hours going in to the last race the LT100. I knew I could do better and signed up for 2015 Leadwoman Race Series and took the first place LeadWoman!! It is always a homecoming to be a part of the races and especially the LT100 run as a pacer and crew member! One day I will be back to chase the Leadville 100 dream again! Until then, I’m here to help others achieve their LT100 Trail Run Dreams and Finishes!”


Bob Africa

 Bob Africa has been playing in the mountains for over 20 years. What began as a few short trail runs to stay fit for climbing, and mountaineering quickly became a life long passion. His first trail race, Imogene Pass, although a complete disaster, led him to Leadville where he ran his first 100 in 2000, another rough day, but gave him the motivation to learn from his mistakes, train smarter and come back for more. Since his early days of racing, Bob has spent hundreds of miles in and around Leadville honing his training and racing skills – physical, mental and nutritional. He is a two-time finisher of the Leadman Series, placing second in 2013 and first in 2014, a three time finisher of the LT100 mountain bike and a ive time finisher of the LT100 run. He’s raced countless trail running, cycling, ski mountaineering and multi-sport events with no end in sight. 

When not cruising single-track in the high country Bob puts his same passion, commitment and determination into mentoring business leaders and being a dad to daughter Sophia.



Jeffrey Jordan

“Though I’m a flat lander from TN, I had always dreamed of being a mountain runner and in 2010 I had signed up for the Pikes Peak Ascent and was passing through Leadville and stopped at the TN Pass cafe.  It was hustling with athletes and everyone was very nice.  I was proud and excited about my epic mountain race until I realized that everyone was there for the LT100 mi trail run and then I quietened down and vowed I would be back to Leadville to race and I have been back every year since and worked my way up from the heavy-half marathon to finishing the LT100 run and now coaching with Ryan Krol and the Boundless 10200 gang of really talented and knowledgeable coaches.  I’ve made so many friends over the years and wonderful memories.  Like Ken and Merilee say, it really is a family. “







Danny Bundrock

“I love to play in the mountains with my beautiful wife and 3 growing boys. Veterinary Emergency Medicine the last 15 years, always looking for that next triage. Enjoy bow hunting Rocky Mountain Elk in the fall and Merriam Turkey in the spring. This is my 10th LT100…. in a row! Excited to toe the line for another big buckle!”








Michele Graglia

Michele Graglia is a former top model and is currently one of the world’s top ultra runners. Since 2011, he has competed in over thirty ultramarathons all over the world, often winning and setting course records. He has set Guinness World Records for his runs across the Atacama and Gobi deserts. His wins in the Yukon Arctic Ultra, with temperatures below -40ºF, and the Badwater 135 in Death Valley, with highs above 130ºF, made him the first person in history to win both the hottest and coldest foot races on Earth. His motivational speaking has inspired thousands around the world. Michele also studied yoga and meditation in Rishikesh, India, and is an RYT-certified yoga instructor as well as a USATF-certified Running Coach and Sport Nutritionist. From 2016 to 2020 he was a Yoga and Mindfulness coach at the high-end Malibu retreat, The Ashram. Today, he lives in Big Bear Lake, California.






Jason Friedman

“I ran The Leadville Trail 100 for the first time in 2018 and absolutely fell in love with the course, the race, and the town, and knew I wanted to stay as involved with this event as I could.  I joined the Leadville Coaching team for Life Time Fitness later that year and started working with Boundless Coaching in 2020.  I love spreading the word about the event and helping other athletes make their Leadville dreams come true, and I can’t wait to race again in 2021!”






Paul Anderson

“The first LRS event I spectated was the 2007 LT100 Run after hiking up to the Hope Pass Aid Station.  Watching Anton and his pacer Kyle come through northbound is still such a memorable moment from that year.  The following year in 2008, I ran the marathon and attempted the 100 run making it back to Twin Lakes on the return where I did not make the cutoff.  It was raining at the 4 AM start, as the sun came up everything above treeline was white from a dusting of snow. In 2013, I was hired as the Logistics Coordinator for the Leadville Race Series which brought my family to Leadville full time.  Then in 2017, I was promoted to Event Manager where I remained for two years. Since departing from fulltime employment with the race series in 2019, I have continued to help out by running sweep/guide during run camp as well as course sweep following the cut off at Hope Pass Aid Station on race day.”




Jennifer Pfeifer

Jen is an alum of the Life Time Events team, and has run the Leadville marathon multiple times.    She is a big fan of the Leadville community and has spent many hours on course crewing for both the Leadville 100 run and MTB events.  She can’t wait to cheer you on!








Chris French

“After a lifetime of loving the outdoors I came to ultrarunning in my late 40’s.  When I’m not running I’m working at my Inn and my Catering Company in Winter Park, CO.  I’ve now had a years-long love affair with the Leadville 100 Run and the Leadville Family.  I know every root, rock and tree on the course, and I know just what you’re facing at the start line.  I’m looking forward to helping you have your own true Leadville 100 experience! “







Cat Bradley

Cat, an ultra runner, Olympic trials qualifier, and 2017 Western States champion, fell in love with running while playing on trails in Hawaii, where she spent her childhood. After a short-lived and angsty collegiate track career, she took a risk and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. While on the AT, she found immense value in spending a long time uncomfortable in the outdoors and the importance of fueling often with real food during big efforts.

Shortly after her time on the AT, Cat started dabbling in the world of Ultra Trail Running. However, as a busy mountain and raft guide, she would usually show up to the start line severely undertrained and underprepared. After racing two 100 mile races with no gear or experience (and coming DFL in both!) Cat moved down from the mountains to Boulder, CO, where dry trails year-round and speedy training partners encouraged her to take running more seriously.

In 2021, Cat signed her second professional running contract, now competing for Brooks Running. After a few years plagued with injury due to a car accident, Cat is excited to race fast and play hard in shoes that she loves and with fuel that she actually looks forward to!




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