Meet your 2022 camp guides:

We’re thrilled to announce our amazing lineup this year! You’ll receive first-hand experience and a wealth of knowledge from those who know how to get it done. Click each guide’s name below to get to know the team!

Bob Africa has been playing in the mountains for over 20 years. What began as a few short trail runs to stay fit for climbing, and mountaineering quickly became a lifelong passion. His first trail race, Imogene Pass, although a complete disaster, led him to Leadville where he ran his first 100 in 2000, another rough day, but gave him the motivation to learn from his mistakes, train smarter and come back for more. Since his early days of racing, Bob has spent hundreds of miles in and around Leadville honing his training and racing skills – physical, mental and nutritional. He is a two-time finisher of the Leadman Series, placing second in 2013 and first in 2014, a three-time finisher of the LT100 mountain bike and a five-time finisher of the LT100 run. He’s raced countless trail running, cycling, ski mountaineering and multi-sport events with no end in sight.  

When not cruising single-track in the high-country Bob puts his same passion, commitment and determination into mentoring business leaders and being a dad to daughter Sophia. 

Cat, an ultra runner, Olympic trials qualifier, and 2017 Western States champion, fell in love with running while playing on trails in Hawaii, where she spent her childhood. After a short-lived and angsty collegiate track career, she took a risk and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. While on the AT, she found immense value in spending a long time uncomfortable in the outdoors and the importance of fueling often with real food during big efforts.

Shortly after her time on the AT, Cat started dabbling in the world of Ultra Trail Running. However, as a busy mountain and raft guide, she would usually show up to the start line severely undertrained and underprepared. After racing two 100 mile races with no gear or experience (and coming DFL in both!) Cat moved down from the mountains to Boulder, CO, where dry trails year-round and speedy training partners encouraged her to take running more seriously.

In 2021, Cat signed her second professional running contract, now competing for Brooks Running. After a few years plagued with injury due to a car accident, Cat is excited to race fast and play hard in shoes that she loves and with fuel that she actually looks forward to!

“My first introduction to the Leadville Race Series was in 2020 riding the LT100 MTB. Jimmy Buffett mentioned Leadville in a song, and I was curious where it was. Little did I know what a hold this wonderful mountain town would have on me. I moved here the minute I could, and have yet to grow tired of the beauty that surrounds me. I can’t wait to share it with you!”

The first LRS event I spectated was the 2007 LT100 Run after hiking up to the Hope Pass Aid Station.  Watching Anton and his pacer Kyle come through northbound is still such a memorable moment from that year.  The following year in 2008, I ran the marathon and attempted the 100 run making it back to Twin Lakes on the return where I did not make the cutoff.  It was raining at the 4 AM start, as the sun came up everything above treeline was white from a dusting of snow. In 2013, I was hired as the Logistics Coordinator for the Leadville Race Series which brought my family to Leadville full time.  Then in 2017, I was promoted to Event Manager where I remained for two years. Since departing from fulltime employment with the race series in 2019, I have continued to help out by running sweep/guide during run camp as well as course sweep following the cut off at Hope Pass Aid Station on race day.”

Hi! I’m Danny Bundrock, I live in the great city of Fort Collins, Colorado! Married to a beautiful wife and father to 3 wonderful boys, ranging in age from 7 to 14. I love to be outside! Running trails and exploring is what brought me to find Leadville in 2011, I was a camper just like you! All those years later I have been guiding each year during the training camp and racing the 💯 come August! I love the town of Leadville, the race community, that has become my 2nd family, and getting the opportunity to meet all the fantastic trail runners at LT100 Run Camp! See you soon! 

I was introduced to Leadville in 2013 after being asked to pace a friend. This is my 10th year being a part of the Leadville Race Series and I am passionate as ever.  For 2020’s Covid-cancel, my buddy and I ran a neighborhood 100 to raise money for the Leadville Foundation.  When you find something this special to a community and purpose, it becomes part of your life. I am a better person for finding the Leadville races and everyone who is part of it. 

Annie Hughes 

Hi there! My name is Annie Hughes. I live and train year-round in Leadville, Colorado. This past summer at 23 years old, I became the youngest ever female champion of the Leadville 100! I ran one of my very first ultras at the Silver Rush 50 when I first moved to Leadville in 2019 and ended up qualifying for the 100. I have since fell in-love with the sport and the longer 100-200+ mile distances! Living in Leadville opened so many doors for me as an up-and-coming ultra runner. I met so many inspiring and supportive people, and enjoyed training in one of the most beautiful places on the planet with endless trails to explore. I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned the past few years at the 2022 Leadville 100 Run Camp, and I look forward to meeting all of you soon! 

I started running to teach my kids that the important thing is not to get first place but train hard and do your best and be happy with the results. I have completed Lead Challenge 6 times and hope to finish again this upcoming season. 

Rodrigo is the 2022 LT100 Run “Dreamchaser,” running for the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation. Check out more on the Dreamchaser program here. 

Hi My name is Ryan Krol! I am the founder of Boundless Coaching and Guiding the official Coaching partner of the Leadville Race Series. I have been coming to the Leadville Family reunion since 2012. I should have a mailbox at the Half Moon Campground in the summer, there is no place I would rather be in July and August. When I am not running and mountain biking at 10,000 feet I enjoy skiing, climbing and NOT catching fish with my fly rod in the Arkansas River. I have a few big buckles from the run and the mountain bike and have completed Leadman twice….. I must have short term memory loss.”

I’m continuing my 25-year love affair with the Leadville Race Series and the Leadville community by going for my 14th 100 Run finish this fall. My first finish was in 1998, and in addition to toeing the line, I’ve been a camp attendee, I’ve served as a pacer, and I’ve crewed friends through the night to their finish. I’ve been a high school teacher for 27 years, and I coached cross country running for 24 of those years, so I’ve spent a lot of my life in our amazing mountains and know them quite well. I’m excited to share my experience with our 100 run camp athletes!   

In my running career, I have raced every distance from the 1 mile to 100-plus mile ultra-marathons. I began running in middle school and progressed to 5K’s, 10K’s, 1/2 marathons, then on to marathons. I ran my first 50 miler at Sunmart Texas Trail in 1998 (7:35), which prepared me for my first Leadville 100 in 1998 (24:45). I then ran the Badwater 135 ultra-marathon in 1999 and have finished the Leadville Trail 100 Race 13 times.   

One of the great joys in my life is helping young runners discover – as the race director for the Leadville Trail 100, Ken Chlouber says – “You are better than you think you are, and can do more than you think you can!”   

My name is Daniel McCarthy.  I was born in Brooklyn, NY.  I’ve lived in New York, New Jersey, and currently live in Lake Mary, Florida. 

I started running regularly in 1996 and have logged over 55,000 lifetime miles.  The majority of these miles have been with my incredible running group the Lake Monroe Roadkillers. 

I am going to run my 40th marathon in April (2:52 PR) and I have run 4 ultras.  I’ve also run the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim in less than 1 day. 

I’m still regularly running road races and I’m a member of the West Volusia Runners Pacing Team. 

My great friend (and fellow guide) BJ Sellers got me involved with the Leadville racing series.  I was his pacer last year and I was able to see firsthand the beauty and challenges of this course.  The combination of the course and the kindness and friendly atmosphere of the fellow runners and volunteers made me want to return this year and hopefully many more times in the years to come. 

“I became involved with the Leadville race series 10 years ago after guiding a friend in the race for 4 years. I fell instantly in love with the mountains and lakes surrounding the trails. My first introduction the running in Leadville was the Leadville marathon. After being in the town and in the community I knew I wanted to call this area home. I had caught the ultra bug and Leadville was a place I wanted to grow some roots for my family. I have stepped foot at the starting line of the Leadville 100 5 times. Each time making it over 70 miles of the course. The race has taught me so many lessons and brought me friendships and adventures of a lifetime.  I have finished the race 3 times. There is no greater joy than crossing the finish line and receiving a huge from Merilee.”

“You don’t find Leadville.  Leadville finds you.”  ”Leadville found me” in 1999 when I was passing through town after summiting my first 14er, Mount Elbert.  I got a parking ticket for parking in a no parking zone (Watch out for the painted curbs.).  I have been in love with this town ever since that costly lesson over 20 years ago.  Coming from sea leveI, altitude can make a great runner look like a novice.  A warrior mindset and positive attitude are needed to earn the coveted belt buckle.   If this Florida boy can cross the finish line at mile 100 multiple times, so can you!  My #1 goal is to help you earn your buckle!    

Hi, my name is Jed Taylor.  I first attempted the LT100 in 2013 when I DNF’d at mile 85.  That experience ignited 10 years of epic shit!  Since then I have completed all the races, some multiple times and this year I’m going for my 2nd Leadman title and 4th LT100.  I love the mountains, I love Run Camp and I love the Leadville family!  I look forward to meeting you and sharing my experiences in Leadville to help you accomplish your epic goals!”