Meet Your 2022 Camp Guides:

We’re thrilled to announce our amazing lineup this year! You’ll receive first-hand experience and a wealth of knowledge from those who know how to prepare you to get that buckle. Click each guide’s name below to get to know the team.

I found Mountain Biking by way of triathlon, first traditional and then Xterra.  After years of multisport racing I chose to focus on my favorite of the three disciplines, obviously cycling, MTB to be specific!  I competed in my first LT 100 MTB race in 2010 after earning a spot through the Life Time essay contest as a member.  Today, I have 10 LT 100 MTB finishes all under 9 hours and am the proud possessor of the 1,000 mile buckle!  Not long after my first LT 100 MTB finish, my wife and I moved from Arizona back to our true home of Colorado, where I leveraged my USA Cycling and USA Triathlon coaching certifications to begin my career with Life Time. Over the last decade as a Life Time team member, I have navigated the ranks in the training department, experiencing virtually every position that interfaces with athletes and members.  Today, I am blessed to build and develop high performing teams of fitness professionals with this amazing company, and I have coached everyone from pro/elites to novice health enthusiasts loving every interaction I’ve had.  Nothing brings me joy like pursuing my calling to facilitate the love of health and fitness in others… except when I can do it on a bike!  I’m stoked to serve again as a camp guide and coach, and I look forward to the relationships I’ll build this summer! 

I’m a passionate rider who loves everything about MTB. Trail, XC, Single speed, Fat biking, I enjoy it all. The competitive side of the sport is awesome, but the community, the fun, and the ability to share it with others is what makes it so special. I’m a seasoned LRS finisher and am excited to share my experience with you as a camp guide this season.

I trained and raced my first Leadville 100 in 2011 and fell in love with the town.  So much, that the following year I bought a house and moved to Leadville full-time.  I have lived here for over 10 years now.  I love endurance mountain biking and the places it takes you both mentally and physically.  I LOVE climbing and look forward to the uphills!  I have completed 3 Leadville 100’s and signed up for my 4th this year.  In 2019, I took on the hardest endurance challenge to date and successfully completed La Ruta in Costa Rica.  I am not the fastest out there, but am super consistent with my pace and have a good ability to “grin and bare it”!  To me, it is simply about finishing with a smile and enjoying the ride and friendships along the way.

Outside of Leadville I compete in mountain bike and gravel events.  During the summer I help to coach a junior mountain bike program.

Scott is a 10x finisher of the LT100 MTB, with all of his finishes coming under 8 hours. 

Roxanne Hall was born and raised in Leadville, Colorado where she still lives with her husband Ty Hall.  They own and operate the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center, Cookhouse, and Sleep Yurts.  Roxanne has been an avid mountain biker for many years and has competed locally and abroad for several years. She has completed 19 Leadville 100s and loves all of the Leadville races! ( AND IS GOING FOR 20 THIS YEAR!!)

I’m Todd Murray and I’m one of two people that have finished the race every year since the race has been held.  John Callahan is the other person.  This will be my 28th race and along the way I’ve completed the 100 mile run twice, once as a Leadman.  I plan on racing again this year with my daughter Lauren (Murray) Gavato for our third time.  I’m super excited to help the folks at Camp prepare for the race and share my thoughts about how to finish this race strong and get that buckle!

Hi, my name is Lauren. I am the daughter of 27 time LT 100 MTB finisher Todd Murray. I have been coming to Leadville to crew for my dad for as long as I can remember. I eventually decided to give the race a try myself. I am a two time finisher and won my age group last year!  I am looking forward to answering all your crew related questions and can’t wait to see you all at camp!

Leadville local, My first introduction to the race was driving by the finish line and something sparked my interest and I had to pull over and watch. At that moment I saw a past friend finish the race and I knew that I was going to finish the race the following year. Here I am today going for my 12th finish this year on the bike in my 10th LeadMan competition.

I’ve lived in Leadville for over 21 years and volunteered at several LRS events.  I started crewing for my husband who started racing in LRS events in 2009.  After a few years of crewing and volunteering, I decided that’s it’s my turn to do something epic! I was so inspired watching sweaty, dirty, exhausted and emotional racers cross that finish line. I knew that someday I would be one of them.  I signed up on a whim in 2014 for my 1st Leadville Trail 100 MTB.  I not only hadn’t mountain biked before, I didn’t even have a bike.  That 1st summer was epic, in all sense of the word, and I ended up crossing that finish line!  I was hooked and have finished it an additional 4 times.  This year, I’ll be going for my 6th finish.  My goal is to earn the 1000 mile buckle!

Pro -15 ish time finisher of Leadville 

2x Former winner of Leadville 100

Winner of silver rush, barn burner and Lutsen 99er  husband of “3 “time finishing wife Summer and father Myles Perry.

I have a passion for mountain biking and with my husband, Bryson Perry we run a national junior development program that helps junior cyclists achieve their dreams. I may not be a pro cyclist but I am pro at crewing and support. As I have crewed my husband through too many Leadville’s to count. I am also a finisher of the Leadville 100 MTB race and I am racing again this year. I have so much passion for Leadville that we did our own  “Unofficial Race” in 2020, it was an incredible experience as a family that I will never ever forget. One more thing that makes Leadville so special to me is that this is the place where I fell in love with my now husband. Watching him achieve his goals and push through this incredible event was all I needed to seal the deal!

Ray Landry cycling career began in 2016 when a friend invited him to Leadville to be part of his support team for a mountain bike race. Through volunteering during that trip he earned a position on the starting line of what would be his first ever mountain bike race the 2017 Leadville 100MTB and fell in love with the city and race series.  2017 unfortunately lead to a Dnf due to a mechanical. Not willing to give up just yet Ray returned in 2018 for his second start and first finish at 10:30.  Armed with a coach and a burning desire to get that big buckle he was back in 2019 for 20+ days on the course studying every foot of elevation, every mile and riding sections after section over and over at different wattage/effort to compare segment times in hopes of getting that extra 1%.  Leadville race days that year Including the Stage Race and 100 where he earned a big buckle at both and a 8:54 in the hundred. “Leadville is a passion to me.  From the first start where I wasn’t sure I would finish to today where I’ll ride the whole 100 mile course for fun.

I am a life-long cyclist and I have been involved with the sport at various levels. As a kid I loved my bike and enjoyed riding to and from school. In my teens I became a beginner racer and quickly progressed to elite amateur and professional. Now I am a coach and enjoy passing my experience on to fellow lovers of the bike.

I started racing mountain bikes when parents opened a bike shop in Arizona in ’92. Long, successful career in Xterra Racing with top amateur finishes at the World Champs. Now a mom of 2 kids; 5 and 7 and racing now just for the love of big mountain adventure.  Shares passion of the sport with the world as owner and race producer of The Specialized Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Stage Race. Leadville; It’s part of our family! My brother is the long-time ‘voice on the microphone’ for the Leadville Series. I used to help him set up for the Awards Ceremony and got to know Ken and Merilee. My husband now works with the series and gave me the motivation to try the 100-mile course!

My first introduction to the Leadville Race Series was in 2020 riding the LT100 MTB. Jimmy Buffett mentioned Leadville in a song, and I was curious where it was. Little did I know what a hold this wonderful mountain town would have on me. I moved here the minute I could, and have yet to grow tired of the beauty that surrounds me. I can’t wait to share it with you.

I raced in the first Leadville Trail 100 race in 1994 and then again in 1995, 1997 and 1998. I won it all four times and set the course record for women in 1997 (7:58:53) that stuck for 13 years until Rebecca Rusch beat it. I raced mountain bikes professionally in the 1990’s and then went back to my career as a geologist and had a family. In 2009 and 2011, I won the Silver Rush 50 for women and for the past 10 years I have been coming back to Leadville in the winter to skijor and fatbikejor race with dogs at the Mt. Massive Mush. I still love to race, as it gives me great purpose in training, and I am a Masters National Champion in 2017 and 2018 for women 55-59. I have two daughters who race on the Montrose High School and CMU college mountain bike teams, so I’m thrilled my daughters love to ride bikes. I am the director and one of the coaches of our high school MTB team, so I love getting kids on mountain bikes and teaching them skills for riding and racing.