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LT100 Run Update- Pacers and Crew

2021 Pacer and Crew Update

Greetings Leadville Trail 100 Run Family,

We want to extend a sincere thank you for your patience while we worked through all the details around our pacer and crew guidelines for the 2021 Leadville Trail 100 Run presented by La Sportiva. After working closely with the US Forest Service, we can now provide you with concrete updates and changes to aid in your planning for race weekend.

As our race has grown over the years, more and more spectators, fans and crew members have taken part in the LT100 Run along key sections of the course. While we love to have friends and family out there, we also need to ensure our event has minimal impact on the natural environment and the communities we pass through. Our course navigates small communities and fragile environments that command our respect.

In order to alleviate our impact and continue to permit our event over Hope Pass and into Winfield, we have worked closely with the USFS on an updated plan.

1) Going forward, no crew, spectators or pacers will be allowed in Winfield.
Winfield Aid station will still be fully and completely supported by LRS staff, medical personnel and volunteers, including a robust aid station. If you need to drop at Winfield, you will receive sag support back to Leadville. Drop bags will still be available for athletes and we encourage you to take advantage of them!
** Note: LRS staff will be on-site managing vehicles coming in/out at Winfield. Do not attempt to drive a personal or crew vehicle to Winfield, you will be turned around.

2) Pacers will now be permitted beginning at Twin Lakes inbound, mile 62.5.
Pacers can join their runners on the Twin Lakes return at mile 62.5 of their day.

3) We will be reinstating the historical cutoff at Twin Lakes outbound at 1:30PM and a 6:00PM cutoff at Winfield.
Note: this is 30 minutes earlier than the last several years.

Ken Chlouber always said, “if you don’t make it to Twin Lakes Outbound by 1:30PM, you’re not making the cutoff.” Updated course cutoffs are listed on our website.

4) We are limiting each runner to 2 crew members on course at a time throughout the duration of the event.
Each runner will be given 1 vehicle hang tag and 2 crew passes. This decision has been made based on the large impact our event has on the village of Twin Lakes, as well as our updated COVID-19 guidelines that are required of us. Please be respectful of this new rule, as we need to follow these guidelines in order to ensure the issuance of future permits at the LT100 Run.

5) Note that Twin Lakes Aid Station and our entire course is in a remote area with very limited data access and WiFi.
Your splits throughout the day may be delayed in uploading, worrying your crew, friends and family. Remind them that Leadville is at 10,200 ft elevation! Cell phone and internet access is not always reliable.

6) Help us reduce our environmental footprint by utilizing reusable cups.
In an effort to continue to be environmentally sustainable, we have expanded our existing efforts of partnering with Cloud City Conservation Center to also include a partnership with Hydrapak. Thanks to this partnership, each athlete will be provided a reusable cup at check-in that can be repurposed throughout your entire race day experience and at future events.

These changes do not come lightly and were not made to take away from the experience of this wonderful event, but rather to preserve the future of LT100 Run for years to come. We ask that you join us in working to preserve the integrity of the Leadville Race Series as we work towards a long term future of this event.

As always, you can reach out with any specific questions to our email. Please note that we are in the thick of race season and email volume is high, but we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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