Leadville 100,000 FT Elevation Gain Challenge

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Do you have what it takes to complete the Leadville 100,000 ft Challenge? This unique event will challenge runners, riders and walkers everywhere to get creative, lace up your shoes or get on your bike, and reach 100,000 ft in elevation gain. Push yourself to new heights this summer, and let’s start climbing! You don’t have to do it alone, grab a buddy and divide and conquer the 100K FT Relay!

If you’re feeling extra bold, you can chase the 200K Challenge this summer by gaining 100,000 ft of elevation running & 100,000 ft riding! Let’s see what kind of grit, guts and determination you have. 

Since this is a virtual challenge, you can run or ride wherever and whenever you want!  We understand this will be far more challenging for those in flatlands compared to those in more mountainous terrain, but encourage folks to get creative to hit your elevation gain (parking garage ramps, staircases, bridges, loops around a block with a steep hill, etc.). We’ll re-share all the fun ways you guys are accomplishing the challenge on social and share our own versions of this challenge too! 

100% of the proceeds from this activation will be donated to the Lake County School District via the Life Time Foundation to fund this program through the summer.

We will submit the finisher data to our partners after the challenge and will start mailing swag by mid- September!  * Note: International shipping fees may apply. Invoices will be emailed the first week of September for International Shipping.


SOLO RUN & RUN RELAYS : Saturday, June 13th to Saturday, August 22nd, 2020
SOLO RIDE & RIDE RELAYS: Saturday, June 20th to Saturday, August 15th, 2020
200K CHALLENGE: Saturday, June 13th to Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

Participants will complete individual segments at their own pace. Start by picking your event from the choices above and whether you join the RUN or RIDE challenge!  After climb, simply enter your time, and most importantly, YOUR NET ELEVATION GAIN! Your journey will be complete when you reach the 100,000 ft elevation challenge.


  • Custom T-Shirt
  • Finisher belt buckle 
  • Custom downloadable race bib
  • Custom downloadable finisher certificate
  • Custom GIF stickers to enhance your social media