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Introducing the Silver Rush 50 Team Relay

SR50 Relay prizes
Avid Guide brakes (top) and CamelBak Marathoner™ hydration packs (bottom) are up for grabs for the first SR50 MTB and Run teams to make it up Dutch Henri Hill.

With over 7,382 feet of elevation gain in Colorado’s highest mountains, the Blueprint for Athletes Silver Rush 50 MTB and Blueprint for Athletes 50 Run are no joke.

For the first time in SR50 history, you can share the pain with a friend! Enter our new team relay option and you’ll have twice the fun. There’s 25 miles of adventure waiting for both of you in either the MTB or run event — or both.

Since the SR50 start is so exciting and we don’t want anyone to miss out, both team members will run to the top of Dutch Henri Hill. Bragging rights and two sets of Avid Guide brakes (MTB) and CamelBak Marathoner™ hydration packs (run) will go to the first team to the top, so grab a friend and register today!



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