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Introducing: 24 Carat Corner


Introducing: 24 Carat Corner

We have an exciting new addition to our Grit, Guts & Determination podcast: 24 Carat Corner. Listen along as Cole Chlouber, race director Tamira Jenlink and marketing manager Ryan Cross cover all major LRS event details and questions in 24 minutes.

Each month, Cole, Tamira and Ryan unpack a different LRS event and answer all your burning Leadville questions to set you up for an epic Race Across the Sky.

In addition to hosting these videos on the Grit, Guts & Determination audio podcast platform, we will be recording video sessions available to you to view on our social media platforms.

Watch the debut of 24 Carat Corner on Facebook Here. 

Listen to the debut of 24 Carat Corner on the Grit, Guts & Determination Podcast here. 


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