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Face of the Race: Cheri Redwine

The Leadville Race Series is about more than the superhuman effort; for many athletes, it’s about pushing the envelope of the regular human experience, about going harder and farther than ever before.

Cheri Redwine is pushing that envelope this year as she takes on the Leadwoman challenge. Fresh off back-to-back Silver Rush 50 Mountain Bike and Run races, Cheri talked with us about her Leadville experience so far.

You’re going for the title of Leadwoman. Why did you choose this particular challenge?

Well, I decided to challenge myself! Being new to the bike I thought I’d do something that would stretch me and scare me at the same time and I’ve succeeded!

Which came first for you: running or mountain biking?

I’ve been an ultrarunner for five years and have completed three 100-mile races. I’ve only been mountain biking for one year, but after the Silver Rush 50 MTB I feel so much stronger with technical riding skills.

How has your Leadville Race Series experience been so far? What are you learning about pushing your limits?

The Leadville Race Series has been amazing! The volunteers have not lacked in any fashion. The aid stations have had everything I need. The biking had stretched me hugely and I couldn’t have asked for a better first mountain biking race ever.

Are you learning any recovery secrets or tips that will help get you from event to event?

I’m nervous about the upcoming events. I’m trying to rest and get my body adjusted to the altitude. I’m going to hit the bike heavier in the next few weeks to try and help settle some nerves. I’m in Leadville until all of the events are completed, so that should really help my mental game.

How do your five kids and husband inspire and encourage you in your racing endeavors?

My husband and five kids have been huge in crewing for me and driving me on when I’ve felt exhausted! My family is everything to me and I wouldn’t have been able to get through the 50-mile run without them. We are loving our time in Leadville. The experience is making memories for us all!

Next up: the LT100s. What are you focusing on in your training as you approach these major milestones in your racing career?

I officially consider myself an ultrarunner and mountain biker. I’m making plans to do some 24-hour rides. Leadville has really opened a door for me to continue stretching my mountain bike skills and fall in love with mountain biking. My experience with Leadville Race Series has been nothing short of wonderful!

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