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Chris Sachs: Leadville Trail 100 MTB and Blueprint for Athletes

Blog Post Re: Chris Sachs
Blueprint for Athletes, Beta Athlete
Date: 7.3.15

Male. 35. Married to the wonderful Lindsey Sachs. Life long endurance athlete. Gregarious. Curious. Driven. This is Chris Sachs. This is me and I am about to partake in my first Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race and experience my first Blueprint for Athletes gamut of services. These opportunities have me SO pumped up!

First, Leadville is such a well known event that one can simply say, “I am racing Leadville,” and many people, from all walks of life, know what I’m talking about. This is amazing. Often the response is: “100 miles? That is a LONG ways to ride a bike, especially through the mountains at 10,000+ feet. How long will that take you?” Great question. My response is fun and I reference that I am shooting for under 9 hours so I can get the big belt buckle (the race time finish award, vs the small buckle for 9+ hours). Otherwise, I love talking with people about training and racing and the personal enjoyment I get from them. Racing, for me, is more about the experience than the result, yet…, my inner competitor is always ready to push my body to the edge (and right on over it if need be!) in order to be as competitive as possible.

Enter Blueprint for Athletes (BFA). It is my belief that the information BFA can provide will improve my performance. A person’s most important piece of equipment is ones own body — Sadly, it’s not that new carbon fiber wheel set I want — it’s my own “ticker” and the body attached to it. The BFA product focuses on MY body, how it is operating and provides direct feedback regarding what condition it is in. This information combined with direct support of a coach from BFA, who helps me to read and understand the data, will help direct my training decisions, eating habits and overall lifestyle choices. It is my hope that BFA will help take some of the guesswork out of my training and life choices by providing a road map for where my body is at and how I can tweak day-­to-­day decisions to positively impact my race-day performance. This is huge!

Leadville is around the corner for both my wife and I. She is racing the Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100 Run presented by New Balance. We are excited for what Blueprint for Athletes can do for us for these upcoming events and beyond. Stay tuned more to follow as I learn and experience more. Giddy up!

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