Name: Ryan Krol
Background:  Ultra Distance – anything
Years coaching: 8 years 
Philosophy: Get to the start line healthy and injury free, line up with confidence.
Race resume (or top 3 race memories): 4x Leadville 100 finisher, 2x Leadman competitor, 3rd OA Silver King
Short bio:
Ryan’s passion for ultra distance races and mountains have led him to specialize in the Leadville Race Series.  There are few athletes that know the series as well as Ryan.  His personal accomplishments in the series have given him an arsenal of knowledge that will fuel you and help guide you to the finish line successfully.

Name: Kathy Pidcock
Background: Ultra Runner, Elite Road Runner, Elite Master Ultra Runner
Years Coaching: 15 years
Philosophy: Create plans that keep runners healthy so they can have fun competing and accomplishing their running goals well into their Master Years.
Race Resume (or top 3 race memories): 2x Leadville100 finisher, Western States 100 finisher 3rd place AG, 2x Rocky Raccoon 100 finisher 2 AG records + 3rd place OA finish
Short Bio: 
Kathy ran competitively for over 36 yrs and has moved on to solo expeditions continuing her passion for being on the trails. Coaching with empathy & experience, she has learned what it takes to balance life for successful training and finishes. 

Name: Jill Becker
Background:  Ultra Distance/Marathoner /Triathlete  
Years Coaching: 8 years
Philosophy:  Persistence, Consistence, Never give up and Keep moving forward!  
Race Resume: Leadville 100 Run, Prairie Spirit 100, and Black Hills 100
Short Bio:
Jill combines her love of fitness and the outdoors with her knowledge of science and coaching to bring results to her clients. As a survivor of Achilles Tendon surgery, Jill understands how to rebuild fitness after injuries to get back to doing what you love. She rebuilt her own fitness to become even stronger, with multiple podium finishes at distances from 40 miles to 100 miles. 

Name: Jason Friedman, MD
Background:  Ultra Distance/Trail Runner/Road Racing/ Exercise Physiology
Philosophy:  Integrating scientific aspects of training toward the achievement of your goals
Race Resume: USATF National Champion (40-44), 100K Trail, Top-10 finishes at national championships at 50K, 50M, 100K, 100M, and 24 hours, “Big Buckle” at 2018 Leadville 100 in 22:40, over forty ultramarathon finishes, two-time finalist for RunUltra Blogger of the Year.
Short Bio: As a physiologist and physician, I believe in integrating the scientific aspects of training with the joy and appreciation for the sport I’ve gained over thirty years of running and racing on trails, roads, and track.  My goal is to help build a varied, sensible training plan that fits into your busy lifestyle, and will help you reach the finish line happy, healthy, and enthusiastic for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Name: Scott Jordan, MD
Background:  Marathons & Ultra Marathons/ Triathlons/Physician/Nutrition Counseling/Life & Wellness Coach

Philosophy:Achieving our goals with a balanced lifestyle, using sound medical principles of nutrition and physiology, appreciating each person’s uniqueness, while having a blast.

Race Resume: 100 marathons & ultra marathons. 8x 100 mi trail run finisher, Western States 100 mi finisher, 2 x Leadville 100 Trail Run finisher, 3 x Leadville Silver Rush 50 miler finisher, 3 x Boston Marathon finisher, 6 x Ironman Triathlon finisher, 74 triathlons

Short Bio: Scott has 30 years experience in endurance and multi sport racing and has numerous podium finishes from 5k and sprint distance triathlons to 100 mile trail runs and he still has a busy race schedule. He credits his longevity to focusing on keeping it all fun and jokes that he has learned to train the “aging athlete” through personal experience. As a physician and coach, he is passionate about helping people get beyond their self-perceived limitations, overcome obstacles, and change their life. He likes to teach people how to anticipate and solve problems, be adaptable and be resilient. Scott can help you be physically prepared for your challenge and have the mental fortitude to get across the finish line with a smile.



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