About Leadman/Leadwoman
The Blueprint for Athletes Leadman & Leadwoman competition began in 2003 to recognize the ultimate athletic achievement for completing a total of 282.4 miles in our MTB and run events. Competitors race the progressive series beginning with the Leadville Trail Marathon, the Silver Rush 50 MTB or Run, then moving on to the Leadville Trail 100 MTB, Leadville 10K Run, and finally the legendary Leadville Trail 100 Run presented by New Balance. Racers must complete each event within the allotted cut off time to be eligible for the next event and the coveted title of Leadman or Leadwoman.

Travis Macy of Evergreen, CO is a speaker, author, coach and professional endurance athlete with over 120 ultra endurance event finishes under his belt. In 2013 he not only finished Leadman but set the then series record with the following results:

2013 Travis Macy Leadman record

  • Leadville Trail Marathon: 3:38:52
  • Silver Rush 50 MTB: 4:07:27
  • Leadville Trail 100 MTB: 7:32:52
  • Leadville Trail 10K: 46:03:18
  • Leadville Trail 100 Run: 20:15:11
  • TOTAL: 36:20:26

As with most race records, there’s always an eager challenger waiting to break them. That’s where this guy came in…

Mike Aish of New Plymouth, New Zealand moved to Colorado in 1998. A former Olympian in the 10,000m distance in 2000 and the 5,000m distance in 2004, he took to the trails and placed second in the Leadville Trail 100 Run in 2014. In 2016, he added mountain biking to his resume in an attempt to beat Macy’s Leadman record before retirement.

2016 Mike Aish Leadman results

  • Leadville Trail Marathon: 3:40:12
  • Silver Rush 50 Run: 4:09:34 (equalized)
  • Leadville Trail 100 MTB: 8:19:30
  • Leadville Trail 10K: 38:20
  • Leadville Trail 100 Run: 21:56:26
  • TOTAL: 38:44:02

Leadville local Wesley Sandoval was already a Leadman coming into the 2016 season, and he was ready to return at the top of his game. He had an outstanding season, surpassing both Aish and Macy to claim the new Leadman record.

2016 Wesley Sandoval Leadman record

  • Leadville Trail Marathon: 4:23:42
  • Silver Rush 50 MTB: 4:22:40 (equalized)
  • Leadville Trail 100 MTB: 7:42:28
  • Leadville Trail 10K: 45:58
  • Leadville Trail 100 Run: 18:40:01
  • NEW RECORD TOTAL: 35:54:55

Aish couldn’t quite break Macy’s record, but Sandoval did with a good window of time to spare.

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Video 4: Aish’s 2016 Leadman Season
Though he missed his goal of breaking Macy’s record, Aish pushed on to finish the LT100 Run and take second in the Leadman competition. Watch him recap the season with Race Director Josh Colley and give props to new Leadman record holder Wesley Sandoval.