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Big Updates at the LT100 MTB – Corrals, Buckles & Awards!

Corrals, Cutoffs, and Buckles!


We have some exciting changes to the program at this year’s LT100 MTB that we think you’re going to love! Here’s what’s changing for this year’s Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race and why it will benefit you in August:

  1. We have updated corral timelines to reduce congestion and increase rider safety. This year we have added three white corrals so that all corrals are more manageable and balanced by total riders in each. Corrals will be separated by 2.5 minute gaps, starting at 6:30:00 am with the Gold & silver corals, and ending with the last white coral leaving by 6:50:00 am. There are a total of 9 corals.

The 3 white corrals will be self-seeded.

Wave start times:

  1. Wave 1: 6:30:00 am – Gold AND Silver
  2. Wave 2: 6:32:30 am – Red
  3. Wave 3: 6:35:00 am – Green
  4. Wave 4: 6:37:30 am – Purple
  5. Wave 5: 6:40:00 am – Orange
  6. Wave 6: 6:42:30 am – Blue
  7. Wave 7: 6:45:00 am – White 1
  8. Wave 8: 6:47:30 am –  White 2
  9. Wave 9: 6:50:00 am –  White 3

CORRAL PLACEMENTS ARE UPDATED ON THE EVENT PAGE. You will receive an email no later than 8/5 with your final corral placement.

2) Cutoff times have been extended by 5 minutes at each aid station to accommodate the corral start times and ensure that each corral has at least 12 hours to complete the race. See event page for complete list of cutoffs and aid stations.

    1. All course cutoffs are based on gun time.
    2. Chip times will be used for all buckle awards.

All buckle times are based on individual rider chip times, as they have been in years past. See the definition of chip time vs. gun time below.

  • 9-hour cutoff time = BIG BUCKLE
  • 12-hour cutoff time = SMALL BUCKLE and official finisher


  • Chip Time – your time starts when you cross the timing mat at the start, and ends when you cross the timing mat when you finish – accounting for all elapsed time on the course.
  • Gun Time – your time starts when the race starts (6:30am -6:50am).
  • Reminder – Chip time will be used to determine your belt buckle eligibility and there will be no changes to those times. Gun time will be used for course cutoffs, which have been increased by 15 minutes.
  1. Buckles! We are very excited to announce a significant change in our regular program. Beginning this year, you will receive your buckle in the chute directly from Ken and Merilee! We are making this change because we believe it will increase your overall athlete experience while decreasing impact and delay. We recognize the ever-changing needs and time commitments of our athletes and want to meet you in this, and share in your momentous celebration, one by one as you come across the line!

4) There will be an awards ceremony at 6th and Harrison on the stage from 7:00:00 pm to 8:00:00 pm for age groups and special achievements.

5) All custom printed finisher jackets will be mailed directly to each athlete free of charge!

Leadville family, we love you, we hope these changes make your lives easier, and we can’t wait to see you at home, we can’t wait to see you in Leadville!

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