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Running the Leadville Trail Marathon to Prevent Veteran Suicide | Warriors Ascent

Support the Heroes Running the Leadville Trail Marathon in Their Effort to Help America’s Heroes Ascend

The Leadville Race Series is proud to support the inspiring campaign of Team Leadville as they take on the challenge of the Life Time Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half presented by La Sportiva on June 17th. Led by Tony Hofmann, a group of veterans and dedicated individuals have volunteered to run this marathon, to raise awareness and funding for Warriors’ Ascent ( Their mission is clear: to save lives by teaching Veterans and First Responders with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) the skills to heal from the trauma they’ve endured in service to our nation.

In their ninth year of dedicated efforts, Team Leadville 2023 is the largest team ever, consisting of 30 runners united by a mission, to stop veteran suicide. They invite everyone to consider joining their cause and building upon the remarkable accomplishments they have achieved so far. With 177 lives saved and $353,000 raised, Team Leadville is making a significant impact on the lives of veterans and first responders.

As the Founder and Chief Motivation Officer of Team Leadville, Tony Hofmann is honored to lead this amazing team and inspire others to support their cause. By donating $175 or more, supporters will receive an official 2023 Team Leadville race shirt—a black camouflage design with traditional yellow lettering—a symbol of their commitment to the cause.

Team Warriors Ascent at the Leadville Trail Marathon in 2021

To make a donation and learn more about Team Leadville’s mission, visit the official campaign page. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference in saving veteran lives and providing vital support to those in need.

So why do members of Team Leadville run for Warriors’ Ascent?

The answer lies in their deep dedication to serving those who have served. Leadville Trail Marathon was specifically chosen for its historical ties to high-altitude training and its challenging environment, serves as the perfect platform to raise awareness about the PTS epidemic affecting our veterans and first responders, ultimately aiming to put an end to veteran suicide.

Team Leadville stands out for their unique approach. They start and finish the entire marathon together, emphasizing the significance of endurance and teamwork. Many of their runners are veterans themselves, finding camaraderie and purpose in joining the team while directly serving veterans suffering from PTS. By participating in the Leadville Trail Marathon, Team Leadville continues to serve and make a positive difference in the lives of their brothers and sisters impacted by PTS. Their fundraising efforts directly contribute to saving lives and transforming the future for those in need.

The Team summits Mosquito Pass, at 13,185′

Warriors’ Ascent provides evidence-based healing practices to help veterans and first responders overcome feelings of isolation, anger, and hopelessness. By supporting Team Leadville and their mission to stop veteran suicide, you contribute to preventing the loss of more lives among our heroes. Together, we can support the heroes running the Leadville Trail Marathon and help America’s heroes ascend to a brighter future.

Look out for Team Leadville at the finish on June 17.

To make a donation and learn more about Team Leadville’s mission, visit the official campaign page.

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