Leadville Community Auction – Benefitting Small Businesses and Local Organizations

We can’t wait to see the beautiful streets of Leadville bustling full of people again, but until we can, we are asking for your support for this community. ⁣

The Leadville community has been here for our racers for over 3 decades, and now they need you. Local businesses and community members have rallied to launch an innovative digital auction for you to support them during this time of need. ⁣

Restaurant gift cards, bike tours, art, photography, clothing, and much much more are up for grabs. 100% of your proceeds go to the business or organization listing each item. Many of these items are gift cards for goods and services that you might have bought while visiting Leadville for our events and can be redeemed at a later date when you make it back to Leadville. We have donated an entry into the 2021 Stages Cycling Leadville Stage Race as well! ⁣

The auction will run until 4/22, and the full list of items up for auction can be found at the link below.

Link to auction site

If you want to contribute beyond the cost of your product, we encourage additional donations to the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation, Lake County Disaster Relief Fund, and St. George’s Community Meals Program. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of this community that we love so much 🙏 ⁣#LeadvilleStrong