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Name: Bob McEnaney
Background:  Endurance cyclist
Years coaching: 35 years
Philosophy: Create time efficient and effective plans to help athlete train properly and achieve their goals.
Race resume (or top 3 race memories): RAAM finisher, Furnance Creek 508, Leadville 100
Short bio:
Recognized by many for his numerous accomplishments on the bike, Bob is also the Official Coach of the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride.  Bob has worked with Joe Friel and “Spinervals” creator Troy Jacobson. 

Name: Trapper Steinle
Background:  Endurance cyclist, Pro XC Mtn Bike Racer, USAC Coach, Metabolic Specialist
Years coaching: 10 years
Philosophy: Create a plan that will help each athlete reach their goals and change their life.
Race resume (or top 3 race memories): 7x Leadville 100 finisher (PR 7:15)
Short bio:
Trapper is a seasoned pro on the bike, and off the bike.  His extensive race experience, coupled with his formal training as a Metabolic Specialist and Trainer for Life Time Fitness help guide his training methodology.

Name: Jill Cederholm-Mairs
Background:  Collegiate Swimmer, Cross Country, Elite Triathlete, Endurance MTB/Gravel cyclist
Years coaching: 10
Philosophy: Empower the athlete to Empower themselves. 
Race resume (or top 3 race memories): Chequamegon 2nd overall, Crushar in the Tushar Top 8, Leadville 100 first female to complete on a Fat Bike
Short bio:
With a diverse athletic background, and as a full time mother and wife, Jill understands how valuable time is and how hard it can be to manage it.  Jill prides herself on her work in the community, growing the sport of Cycling and working as a team with her athletes to balance life/training to create individualized plans to meet their needs.

Name: Ryan Krol
Background:  Ultra Distance anything
Years coaching: 8 years 
Philosophy: Get to the start line healthy and injury free, line up with confidence.
Race resume (or top 3 race memories): 4x Leadville 100 finisher, 2x Leadman competitor
Short bio:
Ryan’s passion for ultra distance races and mountains have led him to specialize in the Leadville Race Series.  There are few athletes that know the series as well as Ryan.  His personal accomplishments in the series have given him an aresenal of knowledge that will fuel you and help guide you to the finish line successfully.

Name: Jon Malone
Background:  USCF Coach, NASM Certified trainer, Cat 1 MTB Cyclist
Years coaching: 20 years
Philosophy: Set people up for success – mentally and physically, and great things will happen.
Race resume (or top 3 race memories): Vermont 50, Peaks 6 Hour Woodsplitter, The Freetown 50
Short bio:
Jon has been in the cycling world and fitness industry since 1997.  He started early with BMX, and cross country running and quickly migrated to Mountain Biking in college. After a life-changing accident derailed his career in cycling – his resiliency, focus and determination launched a soulful journey to create his own personally-inspired endurance challenges.  Since 2016 Jon has been back to racing and most recently qualified for the Leadville 100 in 2018.  Let Jon, and his focus help empower you to achieve your goals. 

Name: Jason Jungbauer
Background:  Endurance cyclist and trail runner.  Competitive snowshoe racer.  Metabolic Specialist and nutritionist.  USAC coach.
Years coaching: 19 years
Philosophy: The human body is the most amazing machine ever built.  Pushing that machine to it’s full potential is the most rewarding experience ever.
Race resume (or top 3 race memories): Leadville 100 MTB, Silver Rush and Firecracker 50 MTB, 24hrs of Erock solo MTB, Peak Marathon/Ascent/Double (18 finishes, 2 top 10 Doubler finishes), USSSA World Championship qualifier.
Short bio:
Jason started mountain biking at age 15, and quickly fell in love with any and all endurance events.  Growing up in Colorado his love of the mountains, elevation and physical challenges has led to 30 years of training, racing and coaching others to accomplish what they never thought they could.


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